A Man


The only reason that I can see
for praying to that Great White God
is to beg in any way that I know
to not be obliged to go to that heaven
where all those tedious white souls

I pray Thee, Lord, don't make me stay
through eternity with antiseptic throngs of
Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians,
Jehovah's Witnesses, or whoever wins (I
don't think there's any question about the
Mormons or Catholics);

I want to be lost with those who sin
for all of time since time begins,
through all the ages now and to come,
I want to dance with every one
in flames of passion, grief and lust
and reminisce our days of dust!

O Lord, the god of all great saints,
I'll tell you now I've been a whore
a murderer a thief and drunk; I've
wallowed through Pandora's trunk and
cannot say that I'd amend (for sure
I'd do it all again).

So let me dance and let me burn
as all this universe doth churn,
and when eternity is done
at last at least I had my fun.

Amen. All men. O man. A man.

Gavin Geoffrey Dillard has published eight collections of verse, two anthologies, and his infamous Hollywood tell-all, IN THE FLESH: Undressing for Success. Also known as “The Naked Poet,” his poems have been recorded by James Earl Jones, Don Adams, and published in anthologies and periodicals worldwide. An anthology of his life's work, THE MORTAL POEMS (the first half-century), will come out in 2014 from Sibling Rivalry Press. Dillard was schooled at both The North Carolina School of the Arts and California Institute of the Arts. He was tutored in songwriting by David Geffen, and in playwrighting by Jerome Lawrence and Tom Eyen. Deena Metzger, Ian Young, and Christopher Isherwood were also ongoing mentors. The author of dozens of songs, Gavin has written lyrics with and for such luminaries as Peter Allen, Chanticleer, Sam Harris, Jake Heggie, Glen Roven, Lowell Liebermann, Ralph Edwards and Disney Studios. His classical art songs ("Of Gods and Cats") have been featured at Lincoln Center by mezzo Jennifer Larmore.

He has written comedy with and for Dolly Parton, Joan Rivers, Peggy Lee, Vincent Price, Lily Tomlin. Gavin is the co-author of BARK!, the musical, which has played throughout North and South America, and author of OMFG!!!, an iLove Story, which premiered in 2011 in San Francisco. Spring of 2014 will see the opening of WHEN ADONIS CALLS, an opera comprised entirely of Dillard's poetry, by Clint Borzoni, with libretto conceived and constructed by John de los Santos.

So let me dance and let me burn
as all this universe doth churn,
and when eternity is done
at last at least I had my fun.